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September 4, 2013

JobEngine v2.3 and JE PayPal Express

Major bugs on the payment plan landed in our email last week so we have to make several tweaks on the flow to fix the issues. This time the flow is less complicated but would mean extra work for those who favor how things work before. Our apologies for that.

The primary changes are on the flow of approval and publishing of jobs especially on package plans. So you would easily grasp the whole picture, please take a look at the scenarios of how the process was before and how it is now.

Pending Jobs is Enabled – Package plan

Before: When admin approves the first job, all other jobs in the plan are published active directly when posted.

Before: For instance, the package plan has 4 jobs. When an employer posts the first and second jobs, and admin approves the second job, the first job remains pending for approval. The third and fourth jobs are published active directly when posted.

What complicates the matter more is the status display in the Job Listing and Dashboard. The Pending Jobs section in the frontend displays paid and unpaid; the Dashboard shows unpaid, pending, and active.

Especially on payments by Cash, the job’s status in the Dashboard is confusing because (using the example above) the first job shows Unpaid when all other jobs in the plan are Active.

Now: When Pending Jobs is enabled, all jobs have to be approved by admin regardless if they are under single or multiple jobs plan. The auto-approve feature now applies only when Pending Jobs is disabled.

On jobs’ status, all unpaid jobs display “unpaid” and paid jobs display “pending.”

Pending Jobs is Disabled – Package plan

Before: On package plans paid by Cash, not all jobs under one plan become active when one of them is approved.

Now: If admin approves any of the jobs posted, all others become active.

Besides these changes, everything else works the same.

JE PayPal Express

It’s not totally different from the regular Paypal payment on JobEngine. But JE PayPal Express offers an option to conveniently process PayPal payments right from your JobEngine. It’s not necessary to turn off the existing Paypal on your job board when you use this plugin.

JE PayPal Express - WordPress job board theme JobEngine extension

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