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September 4, 2013

New update: JobEngine v2.3.1

Note: Please always make sure to back up your database and the current version of the theme before applying any new update. This should always be done, especially with your live site.

Still on package plans, JobEngine v2.3.1 contains fixes on job reposting and renewal flow.

Bug: Incorrect addition and subtraction of the number of jobs left in a package plan

Fixed. When a job under a package plan is reposted or renewed under another package plan, the job is going to be under the new plan and the jobs count of the previous plan will be plus 1.

For instance, you have an unpaid package plan with 3 jobs (say, Plan E). You posted all 3 jobs, so Plan E has zero jobs left. You decide to repost one job and this time you choose a different package plan (e.g. Plan F with 3 jobs). Regardless if the reposted job is unpaid, pending or active, Plan E will again have 1 job left and Plan F is displayed with minus 1 job. After repost,Plan E has 1 job left while Plan F has 2.


Bug: Renewed jobs paid by Cash display Paid – Pending

Fixed. Renewed jobs paid by Cash or with failed payments display Unpaid – Unpaid.

Bug: Archived jobs renewed and paid through a Payment Gateway returns Payment, failed

We found out this was an issue on Paymill. This was fixed, too. The update for Paymill plugin will be released tomorrow.

Change Log

Bug #1007: Text editor in Edit-this-job is missing
Bug #1029: IE8 & IE9–the text box and text editor are not displayed
Bug #1068: Logo keeps changing back to default
Bug #1073: Email templates on resume section are missing

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