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September 14, 2013

New update: JobEngine v2.3.2

Thanks to some feedbacks we’re able to catch those other bugs looming around JobEngine. No new feature for JobEngine v2.3.2, just finer refinements to fix issues on automatic expiration of jobs, email templates, jobseeker account, and other sections.

Anonymous profiles remain anonymous to Privileged companies.

As we define it, Privileged companies are those that receive job applications from jobseekers. So regardless if a privileged company has a premium account or not, it should be able to see all details in an applicant’s resume.

Expiry dates are not set correctly; jobs expire 1 day after expiry date.

One customer queried about delays on auto-archiving. Okay, let’s say the job’s expiration is 1 day.

The job stays active for full 24 hours and has to wait for the next scheduled run time to get archived. So if I posted a job at 3pm yesterday, it may not expire at 3pm today. If the next scheduled run time for auto-archiving is tomorrow at 7am, it’s when the job will be archived.

So as to avoid further confusion on how the auto-archive works, we added more scheduled run time. From one schedule, the auto-archive will now run six times a day.

In addition, we made some changes on how expiry dates are reset on renewed or republished archived, draft, rejected, and active jobs.

Jobseeker account can post a job.

“This is crazy! I can’t see any Post-a-Job button in my page,” a jobseeker may cry out.

Don’t freak out. This happens when a jobseeker clicks the Post-a-Job button before he logs in. Remember, the login prompt when you post a job is on Step 2. After logging in, the page displays the job information form. If the jobseeker still attempts to post a job and clicks Continue, an error message “You need an employer account to post a job” appears on screen.

Edits in email templates do not appear in emails.

When you edit an email template both in jobs and resume sections, the changes are saved but do not reflect on the email. Once you update your job board to this version, that should work right.

Change Log

Bug #1118: Error appears when “Quick Apply” field is used to apply to a job
Bug #1113: Translation error
Bug #1100: The color of job types in the desktop and mobile versions do not match
Bug #1092: Companies: When “All” is clicked, the 0-9 companies don’t appear
Bug #1090: Privileged company cannot view jobseeker’s full profile
Bug #1089: Jobseeker’s name is not displayed in “Logged in as” unless the page is refreshed

A heads-up! WordPress released its version 3.6.1 today so our next release will be more on fixing compatibility issues. If your job board is now using the new WP version, we’re just a chat or email away should you meet any issues in your site.

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